Events to foster the entrepreneurial spirit.

Are We?

StartupTech Unleashed Inc was created by the need for new and existing business startups to help foster growth and nurture ideas from the conception stage to global domination. We will be focusing on Startups, Technology & Social Innovation in Canada and the USA.

We host events in: Toronto,ON • Kitchener/Waterloo,ON • Montreal, QC • Buffalo,NY

Start-Up Tech Unleashed is more than just an event organization it is designed to truly help guide  and nourish the entrepreneurial spirit.

The events are setup to inform and educate business owners on how to:

• Grow and nurture an idea
• Educate the business owner to develop the idea and get it off the ground.
• Once launched, know how two expedite the business growth through mentoring and knowledge from business leaders.

Who are our members:

Our events are great for Startups and businesses through all stages of growth. Our members range from the following tech circles :

•  RealTech

•  MarTech

•  CleanTech

•  MedTech

•  FinTech

•  EdTech

•  Wearables

•  AR/VR

•  IOT

•  Big Data

•  Social Innovation

•  and so much more.

Our structure:

We host an informal fireside chat with a feature speaker, Q & A session and open networking each month. We also host a variety of Webinars, Road Shows and StartupTech Conferences.

Past Event Pictures!

Check out the gallery from our past 2016 evetns.

Meet Our

Past Speakers

This is a list of our past speakers.



CEO The Networking Effect

Dr. Bradford T.


Business development Manager at:
Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)



Founder & CEO

Olivia & John-Allen


Olivia Co-founder & CEO
John-Allen Co-Founder & CTO



The co-founder and chief evangelist of SqueezeCMM



Co-Founder & COO at Borrowell, a financial technology company.

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Latest News

News and announcement from around the STU community.
February 10, 2017

With Canada’s debt mounting, it is more important than ever for investors (whether angel or not) to put money back into our country to try and create jobs, and 2017 is the best time to do it. For starters, by way of Google, University of Toronto and the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms Canada is […]
February 8, 2017

If you haven’t heard, social media is everywhere. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat (do I go on?) there are, believe it or not, some do’s and don’ts for these platforms. Most of the following can be avoided with careful research, citation and not trying to do ‘what’s cool’. It’s especially paramount for tech […]
January 27, 2017

A lot of talk is circulating around which companies will get into the virtual reality (VR) game, as well as the ‘augmented-reality’ sphere for 2017. To jump right into it, it’s no surprise that companies want you to wear their technology now, from Apple Watches to fit bits, to Oculus Rift, more and more devices […]


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