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We’ve all been there. Under the gun to get that project done for a tight deadline. Client meetings and presentations are looming ahead but there is still so much to get done. We have rounded up 5 keys tips to help ease the pain, burden and frustration to get the job done. These are all tried, tested and true too!



Many people may already know about this key resource called Fiverr. But for those that don’t, this will be a life saviour. In essence, it is a marketplace of freelancers who have varying skill sets from SEO to web development to graphic work. In many cases, work can be completed within 24 hours for a very inexpensive fee.

 Join the Local Neighborhood Association


Community or resident associations exist in many neighborhoods, The LVRA (Liberty Village Residents Association) is the biggest one in Canada, and possibly North America. Post what job is needed. Many times, local yet talented neighbors can lend a hand and often immediately. There could be so many hidden resources just a few hundred feet away from needing help putting a shelf, to graphic design and development work to accounting advice!


Know Where the Local Internet Cafes Are

A neighborhood internet cafe. Photo courtesy of Meg Marshall.

It may be 2016 (almost 2017) but these hole in the wall establishments, known as Internet or Cyber cafes still exist. They are often open late and have printing services available. So when the internet stops working after hours in the office or at home, make a mad dash to an Internet cafe. Printer ran out of ink? Head on over to the Internet cafe to help meet the deadline.

Join Zipcar




There is a crucial document for the project all the way on the other side of the city. The delivery person just called to say he is no longer available and the proposal is due in the hands of the prospective client in an hour. Get around the city stress free and when you need to with the ease of Zipcar. With over 800 vehicles throughout Toronto and beyond, there is a vehicle near you. Drive by the hour or by the day with gas and insurance all included. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Zipcar has a great offer for Startup Tech Unleashed members and readers. Use code ZIPTECH20 to receive $20 in free driving credit and receive a special annual membership rate of $35. Click here to get started!

Never Underestimate Coffee


Coffee helps many of us start the day with it’s caffeine properties. Whether there is an old standby shop that brings comfort and familiarity or the nearest Starbucks will suffice, coffee helps us get the job done. The Coffee Association of Canada stat that 2/3rds of Canadians consume 3.2 cups/day. And even more when there is a deadline in sigh. Never underestimate the power of coffee!

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Meg Marshall

StartupTech Unleashed members and contributor! Meg is a startup enthusiast. Working closely with many businesses of all sizes, she clearly sees and appreciates the drive, passion, creativity, and motivation these entrepreneurs have. When she isn't chatting with inspiring people, she is exploring some of the city's tastiest restaurants or riding her horses.

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