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November 9, 2016 Meg Marshall1


Booking your next hotel for your next travel destination just got extremely handy and simple. Gone are the days of scavenger hunting on the Internet looking for that diamond in the rough of a deal. SnapTravel has come to save the day and time for all of us!

How Does it Work?


Caption: Message SnapTravel to find some of the best hotel deals out there for your next vacation! Photo taken by Meg Marshall.

Utilizing messaging technology on a couple of the most platforms like Facebook, Slack or sending them a basic SMS text will start the process. SnapTravel then prompts the user to answer a few preliminary questions like the destination dates, price, and star rating of the hotel they would like to stay in. Chatbot technology is used to get the query started. If the user has specific needs or requests, then a human will step in and take over. With so many of us glued to our smartphone devices, this service seamlessly integrates into our already busy lifestyles.

The Snap Travel Advantage

Working already well-established sources like Trip AdvisorExpedia, and, they do the hard work for the user. Many times, SnapTravel is able to obtain even better pricing that what the more common sites can generate. And if upgrades are up your alley, then they will book and negotiate early check-in and other amenities. Don’t worry about maximizing loyalty points because they take care of that too on the user’s behalf. One of the best advantages of SnapTravel is that they have a free cancellation policy.


Brains and Inspiration of SnapTravel


Caption: Henry Shi and Hussein Fazal are the dynamic duo who created SnapTravel. Photo taken by Meg Marshall.

Meet Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi. Both of these intelligent, friendly and awesome guys are no strangers to the startup and technology world. Fazal previously founded AdParlour, while Shi was an engineer at Lend Up and Google. Fazal was looking to create another startup venture and began ideating in San Francisco. After speaking with some successful travel technology veterans including former executives from and Expedia, he discovered that there was an opportunity to create something for travelers using messaging technology. Shi was a perfect fit for this new business because of his past engineering and development experience.


Toronto Headquarters


Caption:  The SnapTravel Team, work out of the Cossette facility in Liberty Village. Photo taken by Meg Marshall.



Caption:  A great perk about having an office in Liberty Village is that many workspaces welcome 4 legged furry friends. Just don’t take away his stick. Photo taken by Meg Marshall.

SnapTravel is located within the Cossette building in the Liberty Village neighborhood. Nine people work out of the space, with five employees working on the technical side and four others working on various other operational aspects. Surrounded by many other interesting and entrepreneurial firms, it is the perfect area to grow and thrive in. The commercial and residential population of Liberty Village is comprised of many Millenials, which is the prime demographic to be using this service, and creates an optimal testing ground.

Give SnapTravel a try and you will be amazed at the results for your next hotel booking. Follow the company’s progress on Facebook and Twitter.