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How We Hire Is Changing

October 24, 2018 by Lee Burton0

The future of recruitment is exciting and unpredictable especially for recruiters. AI and machine learning are revolutionizing the way we hire. Recruitment technologies are making strides in the field of artificial intelligence to help us understand more about the people we hire, using algorithms to predict performance, detailed personality profiling and cognitive insights, you could say that we are simply unravelling disorganized human data. Does this make hiring easier and more accurate? Or is AI recruitment leading to more advanced methods to perfect our hiring decisions? The world of recruitment is shifting, machine learning and humans are blending in an entirely intriguing way. There are so many possibilities using AI to understand who a person is. AI is disrupting the recruitment markets. Will AI replace recruitment? We believe it will. Stayed tuned for the next recruitment blog focused on ‘The Cost of Hiring’

Writen by: Lee Burton, CEO & Founder of  Start Up Recruit

Lee Burton

Lee Burton CEO | Founder of Start Up Recruit Start Up Recruit partners with startups to provide an affordable and easy recruitment solution. We specialize in technology recruitment. Our recruitment strategy is simple, our goal is to impact your business with experienced and motivated candidates that make a difference.

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