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As an Inventor, Should I Sign an Invention Assignment Agreement?

An Invention Assignment Agreement, often known as an Intellectual Property (“IP”) Transfer Agreement, is an agreement where one party assigns its intellectual property rights to the other party, either absolutely or subject to compliance with the terms of the underlying agreement.

This means the inventor (eg. software developer) assigning his/her rights can no longer claim the property as their invention. The property now belongs to the person to whom the rights have been transferred.

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  • Henry Morgan

    June 20, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Just a personal opinion although I do work for a company who constantly help innovators bring their new products to market = I’d say don’t do it.

    Any company worth partnering with should offer you much better terms.
    Be extremely careful, seek advice and as always – if it begins to smell bad just walk away…


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