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We are getting closer and closer, day by day, minute by minute to Christmas. If you haven’t found a gift for that entrepreneur, go-go-go person on your list, we have a few suggestions.
Extra Charging Cable
7 different cellphone charging plugs adapter from USB isolated on white background
This is one of those things that we all hate to buy. But when we lose, break, or forget the magic source of power, it can be critical. Give the gifts security and convenience with an extra charging cable. Just be sure to know what device the recipient uses. Buying an iPhone charger for an Android might be problematic!

Plants and Greenery

A simple mini plant to help spruce up a work space. Photo taken by Meg Marshall.
Sometimes when we work too much indoors at our work spaces, we forget what the outdoors looks like. Plants or little succulents can add warmth, inspiration, and cheer. Have fun with the type of plant (or even flowers) but know how responsible the individual will be who is receiving it. Something low maintenance like a cactus is always an easy gift.

Coffee Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a good fit and a great choice. Photo by Meg Marshall.
Coffee and tea are often the fuel that many people need to get through the day or for a nice pick me up. It is good to have a gift card handy to easily order and enjoy whatever is desired. No need to worry about taste preferences since many coffee shops and cafes can custom make orders. This is an easy win of a gift (to both give and receive)!


Just one of the many pieces of artwork available for rent or rent to own options through Partial Gallery. This piece is by Julie Gladstone.
Give the gift of art. It is easy to get lost into our space and execute the same routine day in and day out monotonously. Similar to the idea of giving greenery as noted above, adding art can liven up a workspace. Simple pieces of art can be found at local galleries. For larger pieces or the option to change it up more often, consider a service like startup company Partial Gallery.
Whatever is celebrated, we wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday season! We look forward to great initiatives, reconnecting with all of you and many successes in 2017!

Meg Marshall

StartupTech Unleashed members and contributor! Meg is a startup enthusiast. Working closely with many businesses of all sizes, she clearly sees and appreciates the drive, passion, creativity, and motivation these entrepreneurs have. When she isn't chatting with inspiring people, she is exploring some of the city's tastiest restaurants or riding her horses.

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