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A New Way of Air Travel with the Airvinci Helicopter

November 17, 2016 by Meg Marshall0

No idea is too far fetched or cray, as seen with one company. Airvinci, founded by Tarek Ibrahim, is on a mission to building a personal helicopter. Many other startups have great ideas like creating health care apps or a revolutionary fintech solution, but to build a flying machine is pretty incredible.


Soaring above gridlock traffic with an Airvinci personal helicopter. Image courtesy of 

Flying High

So we have all been stuck in gridlock traffic in some shape or form. Driving from work, stuck on a bus across trying to get across the city or in an Uber trying to make it on time for a romantic date. Ibrahim got frustrated one day and thought to himself that there has got to be a better and faster way to get from point A to point B. Until cities completely revamp highway infrastructure by adding in double or triple the amount of traffic lanes, any sort of automobile invention would not solve this problem. It then dawned on Ibrahim that if he could fly in a personal helicopter, then it would create an alternative option for commuters.

Personal Helicopters for the Masses


The Airvinci will be classified an Ultralight Aircraft. Photo courtesy of 

Of course we know that private jets exist, and my hobbyist pilots fly for fun on the weekends. A runway is needed for these aircrafts. The key element in the creation of the Airvinci machine is that it would be utilizing vertical take off and landing so that the need for a runway would be eliminated. A pilot’s license would not be required to operate an Airvinci aircraft, although some basic training would be prudent to safely fly it. The initial cost of the first couple of versions will be high, but as more and more are manufactured, the price would drop. The hope is that one day, the Airivinci would  be comparable in cost to a Honda Civic.

Design Specifics

A flying machine is a pretty amazing thing, but it has to be meticulously designed and no detail left unnoticed. The aircraft will be 9 feet tall and weigh less than 254 lbs so it can be classified as an Ultralight Aircraft. It will be able to carry up to 260 lbs and have a flight time of up to 10000 feet. Ducted fans will be used to reduce the risk factor. Two engines will power the aircraft, so if one fails, the security of the second one will kick in. To learn more technical details, click here.

Calling Toronto Home


Tarek Ibrahim is a creative mastermind, and one thing to note about him, he is always full of amazing energy and laughs. Photo taken by Meg Marshall. 

Toronto holds a special place in the heart of Ibrahim. Moving to Toronto in his teen years, he has experienced many great things here. He is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a degree in Architecture. Back in fall of 2015, he also had the amazing opportunity to be a guest speaker at the TedEx Toronto event. Toronto lends itself to being a fantastic central location to gain access to many resources whether it be finding someone with a particular skill set to help with a certain element of his project or just embracing the diversity of the city.

Stay tuned to see what is next for Airvinci and when they are ready to take over the skies. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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