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How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

April 17, 2017 by Meg Marshall0

Twitter was one of the first social media platforms that took the world by storm. Created in March 2006, it now boasts 319 million users worldwide according to From churches and not-for-profits to celebrities, up and coming companies and big national brands, Twitter has created a way for people to connect and do business with one another. The creation of Twitter parties or Twitter chats help create a virtual meeting spot for like-minded individuals to come together to discuss and collaborate. Here at Startup Tech Unleashed, we hope to bring people together and host monthly Twitter chats, usually in a question and answer format.

How Does it Work?

  1. To begin, a host and/or moderator will predetermine a date, time and topic. Be sure to know the correct timezone that it is being held in!
  2. Know the hashtag for the chat. This is important because it allows users to find and be found during the chat throughout the Twitterverse. Be sure to include the hashtag in all responses. And if enough users are participating, maybe the hashtag will become a trending topic (this refers to the column found on the left hand side on a desktop view, noting the top 10 hashtags in a given area). 

  3. Upon the start of a chat, introductions are made. If users also state their location, it is fun  to be able to reflect back and see what the reach of the chat was. Was it locally, provincially, nationally or even internationally?
  4. It is crucial to adhere to the syntax of questions and answers so that moderators and other users understand what comments/answers belong to which questions. Here is a sample of how things will appear: (insert diagram). As participants see other responses and want to respond to questions earlier in the chat, they simply need to just use “A1 – xxx” or “A3 – xxx”. Again, this just ensures easier organization and logistics for everyone. 

  5. Be an active participant! A chat in only as effective as the participation. Add insightful thoughts and recognition. Favourite and like other participants’ responses and also show support by retweeting. Not everyone is going to agree on everything. And that is ok, however it is important to be clean, play nice and treat others with respect. Providing constructive criticism can be done in a positive manner. What is awesome is when everyone shares resources, suggestions and give kudos to others who provide great insight.
  6. Continually check the hosts’ account for the most recent questions asked. Also, enter the chat hashtag into the Twitter search bar. Select the tab titled “Latest” to see the comments being left. If “Top” is selected, only the most active comments are shown i.e. the posts with the most “likes” or “retweets”. 

  7. Have fun! This is key! Make some new connections and friends. 
  8. Should any questions or concerns arise, be sure to flag them to the host and/or moderator by sending them a direct message or tagging them in a comment.

We look forward to meeting and chatting with everyone soon. Check the events section of Startup Tech Unleashed to determine when the Twitter chats will be held.


Meg Marshall

StartupTech Unleashed members and contributor! Meg is a startup enthusiast. Working closely with many businesses of all sizes, she clearly sees and appreciates the drive, passion, creativity, and motivation these entrepreneurs have. When she isn't chatting with inspiring people, she is exploring some of the city's tastiest restaurants or riding her horses.

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