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StartupTech Pitch2Peer

Welcome everyone to our new and improved meetup series with our Pitch2Peer Initiative.

We are happy to announce that we are going to change our format a bit so that we can offer our members a pitch completion at each our events. This is to allow 4-5 companies to pitch their business to our members and the members will decide the winner. There will be a small cash prize offered, but the bigger reason it to provide constructive feedback and allow the companies a chance to practice getting up in front of a crowd and talk.

We are known to be a supportive & welcoming group. So, this will be a fun practice for newbies and pros alike. To get up and tell their story.  So we are looking forward to our new and improved sessions.

This program will be evolving over the the year, so that we can provide maximum value to our members. To learn more contact us today!