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July 18, 2017 brian prokopowich0

There is a great VC event happening in New York City that I wanted our members to know about!

The organizers gave us a great promo code for our network STTUVIP. This will give our members in our community a further 10% discount on top of the current 50% early bird saving.

To register use this link:

 17th Annual New York Venture Summit being held on July 18th & 19th, 2017 at Convene in New York City.

This exclusive venture summit will bring together over 500 Venture Capitalists, Corporate VCs, Angel Investors, Investment Bankers and CEOs of venture backed, emerging and early stage companies; will feature more than 50 VCs on interactive panels; presentations from more than 50 Top Innovators and high-level networking opportunities.

Partial list of VCs confirmed to speak includes:
Omid Akhavan, Principal, MVM Life Science Partners | Ryan Armbrust, Partner, ff Venture Capital | Mark Austin, Venture Partner, Bright Capital | Imran A. Babar, Vice President, OrbiMed Advisors | Josh Berg, Investment Manager, GM Ventures | Mark Bernfeld, Partner, Clean Energy Venture Group | Gil Beyda, Founder & Managing Partner, Genacast Ventures | Charles Birnbaum, Investor, Bessemer Venture Partners | Scott Birnbaum, Founder, Red Sea Ventures | Brandon Blaesser, Analyst, NewWorld Capital Group | Sim Blaustein, Partner, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments | Matthew Bressler, Principal, TDF Ventures | Briehan Burke, Associate, Catalyst Investors | Dan Burstein, Managing Partner, Millennium Technology Ventures | Lisa Calhoun, Managing Partner, Valor Ventures | Andrew Cleland, Managing Director, ComCast Ventures | Josh Cohen, Managing Partner, City Light Capital | Liz Crawford, Associate, Genacast Ventures | Meghan Cross, Managing Director, Red Bear Angels | Adam de Sola Pool, Partner, Clean Energy Venture Group | Aaron Dubin, Investor, Innovation Endeavors | Sara Eshelman, Principal, Omidyar Network | Linda Fingerle, Principal, EDF Ventures | Darcy Frisch, Managing Director and VP, Hearst Ventures | Elizabeth Galbut, Managing Partner, SoGal Ventures | Tejinder Gill, Associate, Insight Venture Partners | Shreyas Gosalia, Investor, American Family Ventures | Taylor Greene, Partner, Lerer Hippeau Ventures | Ed Greer, Manager, Dow Ventures | Jacob E. Grose, Investment Manager, BASF Venture Capital | Sven Harmsen, Investment Director, M Ventures | Brian Harwitt, Vice President, CoVenture | Ali Iz, Managing Partner, NewWorld Capital Group | Habib Kairouz, Managing Partner, Rho Capital Partners | Sam Lerer, Vice President, General Atlantic | Adi Levanon, Partner, Symmetrical Ventures | Byron Ling, Principal, Primary Venture Partners | Alice Lloyd George, Investor, RRE Ventures | Michael Lousteau, Partner, I2BF Global Ventures | Jiong Ma, Partner, Braemar Energy Ventures | Jillian Manus, Managing Partner, Structure Capital | Nihal Mehta, Founding General Partner, ENIAC Ventures | Jason Nolte, Investment Manager, GM Ventures | Cindy Padnos, Founder & Managing Partner, Illuminate Ventures | Maria Palma, Director, RRE Ventures | Deepen Parikh, Venture Partner, Interplay Ventures | Daniel Pianko, Managing Director, University Ventures | Stephen Plumlee, Managing Director, R/GA Ventures | Nael Rasamny, Partner, Outbound Ventures | Jake Rosenfeld, Investor, Correlation Ventures | Praveen Sahay, Managing Director, WAVE Equity Partners | Andrew Schoen, Principal, NEA | Reese Schroeder, Managing Director, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital | Rudina Seseri, Founder and Managing Partner, Glasswing Ventures | Travis Skelly, Senior Vice President, Citi Ventures | Mike Spadafore, Managing Director, Sandbox Industries | Jonathan Struhl, Co-Founder & General Partner, Indicator Ventures | Vincent Tang, Principal, Samsung NEXT | Claude Vachet, Managing Partner, Cycle Capital Management | Ira Weiss, Founder & General Partner, Hyde Park Venture Partners | Anna Whiteman, Senior Associate, Tribeca Venture Partners | Nicolas Wittenborn, Vice President, Insight Venture Partners | Alex Zisson, Managing Director, H.I.G. Capital | Rick Zullo, Investor, Lightbank and many more.

This would be a great event to make connections, if you are looking to raise capital for your venture!


May 1, 2017 Meg Marshall0

Insurance. It can sound like such a scary thing, but it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be really helpful and may be a legal requirement in some circumstances. If an entrepreneur has never had their own business before or never needed commercial liability it can be very overwhelming. It is important to note that home and auto insurance are usually considered separate policies than commercial liabilities and coverage. We caught up with KASE Insurance, who specialize in small business, manufacturing companies, commercial needs and have a big heart for startups. We spoke with the fun, dynamic yet extremely knowledgeable partners of KASE. Stanislav Kojokin and Arian Ebrahimi provided some phenomenal insight and provides various examples and stages of what type of insurance might be needed. 

Arian and Stanislav of KASE Insurance give some amazing tips to consider when to insure a startup.

Q: Why should a startup get insurance?

A: Many startups believe that they are not big enough to need insurance and want to wait until more sales are generated or more assets are purchased. The reality is that having insurance should be in the budget from day one. As soon as a company starts operations and has customers, protection is needed.

Q:  Even if a startup is an app (application) and NOT producing any tangible products, would they still need insurance?

A: If the startup is generating revenue, they need liability insurance to make sure they are protected. Even if the company does not have a tangible product, their customers could claim that they suffered a loss as a result of the professional advice or the completed operations of the start up, at which point the start up would have to defend itself.

Q: Are there certain legal documents that would classify a company as a startup?

A: No.

Q: At what stage or point should a startup consider insurance?

Insurance needs should be considered part of the budget of a startup, suggests KASE Insurance.

A: It will be a great idea for you to consult with an insurance advisor before any of the following:

KASE Study #1: Start up company about to launch the beta version of their new product or software. Their client asks them to provide proof of insurance before signing a contract.

Insurance solution: Errors & Omissions Liability (E&O), Cyber Liability

Why is it important:  This insurance coverage helps protect professional advice- and service- providing individuals and companies from bearing the full cost of defending against a negligence claim made by a client, and certain damages awarded in such a civil lawsuit. The coverage focuses on alleged failure to perform on the part of, financial loss caused by, an error or omission in the service or product sold by the policyholder. These are potential causes for legal action that would not be covered by a General Liability Insurance Policy which addresses more direct forms of harm. Cyber/Network Liability can usually be added to an E&O Policy to protect your exposure of a network going down or private information leaking and causing financial damage.

KASE Study #2: The start up company has outgrown the co- working space, and is looking to move into the new private office. As a condition of the new lease agreement, they are required to provide proof of insurance to the new landlord.

Insurance solution: Commercial General Liability and a Commercial Property  

Why is it important: Commercial General Liability covers bodily injury or property damage cause to a 3rd party. Commercial Property coverage protects a business’s own business property within the office.  This policy can also cover the loss of use of the premises in the event of a covered loss such as a fire.

KASE Study # 3: You are trying to put a board in place made up of experienced industry veterans. One of the potential candidates is asking you if he will be covered under your company’s insurance policy.

Insurance Solution: Directors & Officers Liability (D&O) Insurance

Why is it important: Provides coverage for a loss as a result of a legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity as directors and officers of the company

KASE Study # 4: You have hired employees to help you grow your start up.   

Insurance Solution: Employment Practices Liability

Why is it important: Protect your organizations against employee suits for discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, failure to hire, etc. The key here is to remember: Even if you are in the right, it doesn’t mean you will not have to defend yourself.

KASE Study #5: Your business cannot operate without you the founder, or one of your key employees. Investors are concerned about the company’s future should something health related happen to that individual.

Insurance Solution: Key Person Insurance

Why is it important:   

The insurance company will a lump sum of tax free money to the corporation. These funds can be used to compensate for the loss of sales or the cost to hire a replacement for key individual.

KASE Study #6: You want to attract and retain the right talent to help you grow your business and are in search of employee incentives.

Insurance Solution: Employee Benefits- Health coverage

Why is it important: Your employees will have piece of mind when it comes to health-related expenses should they have health related issues.

Q: What are common components that are included in insurance policies (specifically for startups)?

A:  First and foremost, the startup should obtain a commercial general liability policy to cover their products and their completed operations. Depending on what the startup does, they may want to consider errors and omissions insurance as coverage for professional liability is typically excluded from a commercial general liability policy.

Q: Why does KASE insurance like working with startups?

KASE Insurance specializes in commercial insurance and can truly help startups!

A: KASE Insurance is a start up! We know the struggles startups go through in getting the attention they need. Startups are often neglected because of their small size and potential for failure so as a result, they are not usually getting the right attention from their insurance brokers. KASE Insurance prides itself in being an active resource for insurance and risk management for companies of all sizes.

Q:  What are some of the common mistakes that startups can encounter if they don’t have insurance?

A: Many startups will consider insurance when their customer or a landlord is asking for proof of the coverage. At that point, the startup may be scrambling to find insurance and will likely purchase what is readily available to satisfy their contracts. With more time and attention, an insurance broker can shop the market and find a more suitable product for the startup to buy.

Now, please. Do yourself a favour and get some insurance and do not jeopardize your idea, team and dream.  

A big thank you to Stanislav and Arian from Kase for lending their time, insight and knowledge to better prepare and protect fellow startups and entrepreneurs.


August 16, 2016 brian prokopowich0

We are happy to announce Buffalo, NY as our newest city where we will be hosting our meetup events.

To start this new community off right, we are hosting a launch party at (Location: TBD) in downtown Buffalo. This great night is to network with new members and get to know the Buffalo Startup and tech community.

We will be discussing our event structure and we will be ordering a few appetizers for the group and as this is a free event you support the venue by buying a drink.

So come on out if you have a startup, love technology and just want to meet new people. We would love to welcome you to our community and share with you what StartupTech Unleashed is all about.

This is a perfect event to network with fellow entrepreneurs, startup founders, tech enthusiasts or to just meet new people.

Who are our members:

Our events are great for Startups and businesses of all stages of growth our members range from the following tech circles:

• RealTech • MarTech

• CleanTech • FinTech

• MedTech • EdTech

• Wearables • AR/VR

•IOT • Big Data

….and so much more.

Our First official event in Buffalo will be in September and we will announce it once our venue & speakers are confirmed.

We first launched our events in Toronto, Ontario at the beginning of 2016, then In May 2016 we launched Waterloo Ontario. We are proud to make the leap and open up our 1st USA location in Buffalo, to help support the emerging startup & technology ecosystem in WNY.


The structure of our meetup events are as follows:

6:30: Doors open and registration starts

7:01pm-7:15pm: Introductions to StartupTech Unleashed & 2-3 min Introduction with our 3 featured startup companies.

7:16pm-8pm: Interview & Q&A session with a featured speaker.

8pm- 8:30pm: Open networking.

8:30: Closing remarks.

To learn more about the events in our other group go to our website