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May 26, 2017 brian prokopowich0

An event that focuses on Customer Experience, Always-On Voice, Innovation, IoT, Virtual Reality, and more! Come join our rapidly growing Toronto Tech Summit community for a day focused around revolutionizing and modernizing ideas that give us the ability to craft incredible experiences through technology.

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July 26, 2016 brian prokopowich0

What is Techweek100: The Formula

Announced annually in each Techweek city, the Techweek100 celebrates individuals and companies for their leadership, innovation, and support of the local tech ecosystem. Selected by the Techweek community, the list recognizes the most distinguished members of the burgeoning tech community in each city.

In 2016, the Techweek100 will be divided across 3 key categories (comprising 25 individuals and 75 organizations) that embody key roles within the community.

Ambassadors (25 individuals) — Founders, influencers, and prominent voices who act as positive representatives for the tech community

Cultivators (25 organizations) — VCs, incubators, educational institutions, and other organizations that support and enable the tech ecosystem

Innovators (50 companies) — Companies, both established organizations and rising startups, shaping their industries via innovative technology