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March 7, 2017 brian prokopowich0

Serial entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with the ‘next big idea’. During the excitement of starting the process of building a business, incorporating might not be the first thing on an entrepreneur’s mind. Employees might be promised shares in a corporation that doesn’t even exist. Can the employees enforce this promise?


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February 24, 2017 brian prokopowich0

Whether a particular arbitration clause will be enforceable depends on the way in which the clause is drafted. Generally speaking, if (i) the clause is clear, (ii) arbitration is made mandatory, and (iii) the contract can otherwise be enforced, the arbitration clause will be enforceable.

Is the arbitration provision in your company’s employment agreement enforceable? Our partner organization,, has shared a blog post that outlines considerations a company should take when drafting or reviewing the arbitration provision in its employment agreement. It is a valuable read for any entrepreneur or business that wants to ensure that their last line of defence in their employment contract is well drafted!

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