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September 19, 2017 brian prokopowich0

Aviva Ventures, is looking to make strategic investments ($2-10M) in early-stage, high-growth potential startups in Canada. We’re interested in businesses that will bring new insights, opportunities and value to Aviva Canada, and help us create innovative and disruptive digital experiences for our customers. Due to the overwhelming  success at our first kick at the can- On September 27, 2017 We are coming back for more and hosting our yearly event called “Pitch Day” at our Digital Garage in downtown Toronto. We’re inviting the10 most disruptive Canadian-based startups to “Pitch” their business ideas to a panel of Aviva advisors.


Where we invest: 

We want to build a portfolio of businesses that specialize in these four investment areas:


  1. The IoT ‘Internet of Things’ (eg new technologies that connect your home, health or car to your smartphone)
  2. Data and analytics (eg machine learning, artificial intelligence and new software technologies)
  3. Distribution (eg new sharing economy platforms)
  4. Innovative customer propositions (eg smarter ways to reach customers, like peer-to-peer platforms)


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