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September 19, 2017 brian prokopowich0

Aviva Ventures, is looking to make strategic investments ($2-10M) in early-stage, high-growth potential startups in Canada. We’re interested in businesses that will bring new insights, opportunities and value to Aviva Canada, and help us create innovative and disruptive digital experiences for our customers. Due to the overwhelming  success at our first kick at the can- On September 27, 2017 We are coming back for more and hosting our yearly event called “Pitch Day” at our Digital Garage in downtown Toronto. We’re inviting the10 most disruptive Canadian-based startups to “Pitch” their business ideas to a panel of Aviva advisors.


Where we invest: 

We want to build a portfolio of businesses that specialize in these four investment areas:


  1. The IoT ‘Internet of Things’ (eg new technologies that connect your home, health or car to your smartphone)
  2. Data and analytics (eg machine learning, artificial intelligence and new software technologies)
  3. Distribution (eg new sharing economy platforms)
  4. Innovative customer propositions (eg smarter ways to reach customers, like peer-to-peer platforms)


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Event cost: $10 on Eventbright and $15 at the door

What we are all about:

We are an innovative business and technology community of entrepreneurs dedicated to mentoring and educating startups on how to grow in an evolving marketplace. Our series of meetups, dinners, webinars & roadshows are designed to inform, troubleshoot and tease out issues in the tech world, all in a relaxed, collaborative environment.

This is a perfect event to network with fellow entrepreneurs, startup founders, tech enthusiasts or to just meet new people.

Who are our members:

Our events are great for Startups and businesses of all stages of growth our members range from the following tech circles :

• RealTech • MarTech • CleanTech • FinTech

• MedTech • EdTech • Wearables •AR/VR

•IOT • Big Data and so much more.

Our structure is we host an informal fireside chat with a featured speaker, Q & A session and open networking.


Featured Speakers: Ryan Spinner

About Aviva Ventures
Aviva Canada announces another industry first by bringing Aviva Ventures to Canada. Aviva Ventures is investing $180 million CAD over the next five years in high-potential digital startups around the globe. Aviva will host their first-ever Pitch Day event in Toronto on October 11, 2016.

To learn more about the Aviva Pitch Day:


Companies presenting: More updates coming!

Verkspace: One of Toronto’s newest coworking experience in collaborative/community/shared workspaces located in Old Town. The beautiful space features a lounge and great areas designed to get work done and concierge services.

Tribalscale: TribalScale is a mobile first company that specializes in connected devices and the Internet of Things. Our team members have a history of partnering with some of the world’s most premium brands, helping to shepherd businesses into the connected age.

Coach Off: Football Coach Off mobile app allows fans to participate in sports in a much richer level than ever before. Why just watch the game when you can play the game


The structure of the event is below:

6:30: Doors open,  registration starts and open networking till 7pm

7:01pm-7:15pm: Introductions to StartupTech Unleashed & 3 min presentations with our 2-3 featured startup companies.

7:16pm-8pm: Interview & Q&A session with our featured speaker.

8pm- 8:30pm: Open networking.

8:30: Closing remarks.


Bonus: Free pizza and fantastic door prizes.

Plus we will be hosting an afterparty after the event at:




We would like to thank all our sponsors for helping make the StartupTech Unleashed events possible.

Verkspace: One of Toronto’s newest coworking experience in collaborative/community/shared workspaces located in Old Town. The beautiful space features a lounge and great areas designed to get work done and concierge services.

Conference Cloud: Is a next generation virtual attendance platform specifically designed for conferences to scale audiences and monetize their content. ConferenceCloud gives you a simple way to stream your conference live and help recover foregone revenue. Provide a truly unique digital attendee experience and with ConferenceCloud.

Skyphone: SkyPhone is a smartphone number in the cloud that manages all incoming calls into your business and directs them to the right person on your team regardless of their location or what type of phone they’re using.

Arvuu Inc.: An interactive marketing company focusing on Augmented Reality and traditional marketing. The launched their own augmented reality viewer called ARenginePRO so that anyone can create their own projects.


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